The Importance of the Legal Issues for the Image Consultant

The image has always been an important issue for all the human beings. From long time ago, the importance of owning and reflecting a good image has been a topic of study and debate. And the consequent protection of it, appears to be a natural one.

As a result, many proffesionals all over the world study and asses their client on building a good image, that several times, constitutes their own trademark.

When image consultants help a client to build his or her own image or personal brand, many times ask their clients: do you think this brand is yours or not? Maybe, you are sure that the brand belongs to the client. And you are right. But don´t forget that the creation of it and the protection you made of your work is important as well. Not only that, but also the name under you will offer  your services.

Each country has a different  system for the protection and (if so) registration of the brand as a trademark. There are many similarities and also many countries are working to stablish and improve the global protection of brands.  This constitutes a very important topic, regarding international legal debate. And an even more important one, if we take into account the importance of the globalization and the interaction in different countries at the same time, that many brands have nowadays.

All of we, must take care of our own brand because daily, we made huge efforts to made ourselves  a name in the market. We all know how difficult it is to be recognized and be taken seriously in todays world. Our brand is our most pressure value.

Sometimes you may consider to associate with other people to run your company. And many times, you will find yourself wondering if it would be a right decision to put your own name on it. Let´s say it is not! Because, despite all the efforts you will be willing to make, if the company is sold in the future, you will be losing your own name, your “brand” in the very moment you sing the agreement.

AICI is a non profit organization, where we put our efforts all together. And it is constituted as one of the many other options, offered by the law. In order to develop your business, you can constitute a corporate or any kind of company, depending the types stablished and allowed in the country you will constitute it. Usually, you sign a contract for this, with your future partners.

And every day, you “singed” several new contracts, even though we are not aware of that.  We rent a car, we take a bus, we buy some garment online, we sell them, we rent a space to work, we make a telephone call, pay a plane ticket or go to the theatre.

But in an statute or any other contract that involves a company, you can face some difficulties or  have different points of view with the other parties, eventually so you may want to end your partnership. At that moment, you will need to know how to manage the economic aspects. So it is vital that you discover in advanced the legal basic issues. Rights and obligations of each party based on the law of the land. The “do´s and don’ts” of this type of relation.

Around the world, the right and the recognition of the personality is considered to be a human right. Many international treaties signed by numerous nations have compromised many countries to work in this direction. You, as an image consultant, are the builder and the defendant of this essential right. Let´s make your work count!





Susy Inés Bello Knoll. She is an Argentinian lawyer and accountant of Buenos Aires UniversityArgentina. Master in Business Law of Austral UniversityArgentina. PhD in Law of Salamanca UniversitySpain. Extraordinary Prize of PhD. 2011-2012.

Pamela Echeverría. She is an Argentinian lawyer of Buenos Aires UniversityArgentina and an Industrial Property Agent in that country as well. She is currently working in her thesis in order to graduate herself as a Master on Intellectual Property Law at Austral UniversityArgentina.


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